This is another attempt at drawing Love Hina. I certainly think that the Shinobu turned out better, but this was a harder picture to draw. The shading eventually turned out like the reference picture, but the line art is too choppy and rough, not thin and smooth like it really should be. Also the eyes are incredibly far apart.

The other thing about this picture is that, for some bizarre reason, this is the most popular picture on this page. It's the number one hit from Google. Whenever I get a reference from a forum, it's always someone using this picture to show how much they love Naru. And I've not seen a single person be facetious about the quality of the drawing. The mind boggles. If any of you are reading this, thanks for searching "narut" and posting my drawing on the Internet!
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Naru Narusegawa

Early Summer 2002


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