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Random Sketch (inspired by Kera)

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Yuki Fanart

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High Noon at Melcabardor

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Dead Rose

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Experiment began: July 2001


January 27, 2007:

Bad Art Experiment Version Omega

It's been a long time, hasn't it? The page is about to undergo a major rehaul very soon.

Welcome to Stephen's Bad Art Page!

Home of the Original Bad Art Experiment

Last updated 2007-01-27
The experiment: To see if I can learn how to draw.
In the summer of 2001, I decided that I wanted to finally learn how to draw. I've wanted to draw for years, but always considered myself a poor drawer. So, I picked up a piece of paper and a pencil to see if I could learn drawing like I did the guitar. Since then, I've been getting a little better with each drawing.

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