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Here are some manga translations that I've done. They are not scanslations, because I do not like scanslations. Not because of any legal or copyright issues, but because I think that reading a physical manga is much more satisfying than viewing it on a computer screen. Scanslations are also much more difficult to make and take too long to do.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Buy the manga.
  2. Print out the translation.
  3. Read.
I know everyone can't easily get their hands on Japanese manga, so if you want to use these some other way, feel free, just please credit me with the translation and if you change it in any way, please be sure to make it clear that you have done so.


Aqua vol.1 ch.1
Aqua vol.1 ch.4

Currently working on:

Aqua vol.1 ch.5

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